Samstag, Februar 25, 2012

Bento #17-Spring is in the air

Spring is in the air. After endless weeks of grey skies, snow and mud the first spring blossoms are making their way through. And we had a bit of winter sunshine that made me feel like spring is in the air.
So today I decided I want a bento with a spring feel to it: the perfect occasion for another premiere: my brand new Bento Colors box that I won at the Casabento giveaway.
I just love the layout of the box. it is very slim and rather deep compared to my other boxes. It is also the first time I actually used my egg molds. Even though I have had them for over a year, somehow I always avoided using them because I thought it would be too complicated. Also I am not a fan of hard boiled eggs. But hey, it was really easy, even though my eggs were slightly too large. Now that I know how easy they are to use I am going to use them much more often. thinking of egg molds, i only have two. Maybe I should get some more?
It is also the first time I used orange slices and kiwi for my bento, i just love the joyful colours they add and their vitamins make me feel even more like spring.
this brand new box is too complicated to handle for my little one, so I have it all to myself. That is all that bad either , isn't it? :-) I like that I can pack so many different things and separate them all and close them tight.

Spring bento: On the first level there is my very first egg bunny, some caramelised sunflower and pumpkin seeds and some lovely blueberry yogurt(I just love that colour!). On the second level there is some spring quark with some fresh chives, heart shaped bread cutouts with cheddar cheese and someone is riding on a turtle. The this level is my vitamin level with blueberries kiwi and orange slices. this time i am really happy with my bento.  So how are you celebrating the first small signs of springs approach?


  1. The tender pastel tones here: delightful lavender shades so heart lifting...beautiful bento!

    1. Glad you like it. i just felt like lots of pastel colors today.

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  3. oh das bento ist sehr sehr hübsch!! tolle zusammenstellung und wunderschöne farben, da bekommt man richtig frühlingsgefühle^^

  4. oh ja sehr Frühlingshaft und farbenfroh

  5. Das sieht ja lecker aus und so viel frisches grün! Ich muss auch mal wieder diese tolle Bento Colors Box herauskramen und benutzen :)

  6. @Rina: Thanks for thhe compliment.

    @charsiubau: Die Aufteilung der Box ist echt toll um abwechslungsreiche Bentos zu machen.Bin positiv überrascht gewesen über die Box. Nur mit dem Verschluß habe ich noch so meine Probleme.
    Welche Farbe hast Du denn?

  7. Love the beautiful colours in your bento, I can definitely see spring there...:)!

  8. Your Bento have beautiful color combinations!!! very delicate and pretty =)